Characteristics Of Output Devices

There are many types of output devices like monitors, printers and speakers. Their efficiency are characterised by many different things. Some of such things include: Speed, Quality, and Storage Capacity these characteristics varies according to the desire of the owner.

  • Speed

The Better a device is constucted, or the higher the value is the faster the speed will be, recently upgraded devices would have more speed than the device in its original state. A device with slow speed is one that is probably outdated or one that has contracted a virus.

  • Quality

As with speed, the more recent and expensive the device is, is the higher the quality of the output will be. Devices with higher quality is normally more costly and used more often by businesses rather than those purchasing it for personal use. Quality also depends on the brand and the make of the device. The quality also depend on the devices resolution or sharpness (number of pixels that can be displayed), dot pitch ( measure of image quality) and refresh rate ( speed in which device redraws the image on the screen). So how the picture is produced is determined by the device.
  • Storage Capacity

This varies by the need of the person purchasing it, there are storage devices with large storage capacity and there are some with small ones.
The capacity or storage devices are getting larger with the advancement of technology. Storage Capacity ranges from the type of device and its use. Different types of storage memory systems are kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes they are used to express unit of storage capacity. The more the unit is is the more memory a device has.