Visual display Unit: resolution types and Sizes

A monitor is used to display output on a screen.
there are differwent names which are used for this type of device, namely:
VDT (Visual Display Terminal)
CRT ( Cathode Ray tube)
VDU ( Visual Display unit)
LCD ( liquid crystal display)
LED ( light-emitting diode)

Types And Sizes Of Monitors ( Dimension Of the screen)

  1. CRT Monitors
-the oldest, easily available, cheaper, high dynamic range and remarkable color and resolutions wth excellent viewing angles
Disadvantages: In its weight and size and consume more power

2. LCD Monitor
-compact, slim, consume low power, size is not as big as CRTs it's 15-30 inches
Disadvantages: limited viewing angles, colors and contrasts

3. Plasma Monitors
- high contrast screen, bright and vibrant colors, it is 30-60 inches
Disadvantage: Heavy in weight and available in large dimensions. They do not allow the use of optical objects like light pens and light guns.

4. SED Monitors
- has high resolution, flat penal display screens, it may be more than 40 inches diagonally and consumes less energy.


This shows how clear and detailed the output can be on the screen. Size of monitors must contain small pixels in order to mantain resolution, but if a smaller monitor is set to a high resolution; the image would be too small to read.